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Bear Claw 3-Arrow Quiver

Bear Claw 3-Arrow Quiver


The Bear Claw Quiver is a universal quiver system designed for ultimate flexibility. With the Bear Claw you have an economical, lightweight, highly adjustable quiver. The quiver easily detaches and will accept any common arrow size.

  • Universal quiver system 

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Wide range of vertical adjustment

  • Receives Standard & Mechanical Broadheads

  • Lightweight | 6.8 oz. 

  • 3 Arrow Capacity

  • Length | 12 1/8” Overall

  • Two-stage, precut layered foam accommodates both mechanical and fixed blade broadheads. Common practice is to use two foam layers with fixed blades in order to cover the entire broadhead, leaving no exposed edges. Simply remove the first layer as single layer foam is best used with mechanical broadheads to avoid crushing blade bands and collars. 

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