Soft Loc Classic 5-Arrow Quiver

Soft Loc Classic 5-Arrow Quiver


The Soft Loc Quiver features dual-guide rails and a patented mounting system. The rubber mounting bracket reduces felt vibrations, acting as a practical dampener increasing the shot experience. Quick-detach features allow the quiver to be instanly removed when it counts. Great with mechanical broadheads and standard broadheads up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

  • Universal quiver system 

  • Quick-detach

  • Ultra-quiet install/adjustments

  • Receives Standard & Mechanical Broadheads

  • Tech Specs

    • Lightweight | 9.9 oz. 

    • 5 Arrow Capacity

    • Length | 13” Overall

    • Two-stage, precut layered foam accommodates both mechanical and fixed blade broadheads. Common practice is to use two foam layers with fixed blades in order to cover the entire broadhead, leaving no exposed edges. Simply remove the first layer as single layer foam is best used with mechanical broadheads to avoid crushing blade bands and collars. 

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