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Archery 101: A Guide to the Best Archery Targets

Updated: May 19, 2023

As a bowhunter, one of the most critical aspects of your preparation is regular practice.

Practicing with a variety of archery targets helps you develop your skills, understand shot placement, and build the muscle memory needed to execute accurate and ethical shots in the field.

In this blog, we will cover the most popular types of archery targets and some picks of our favorite targets from each category.

Block Targets

Block targets are a popular choice among bowhunters, as they are lightweight, portable, and durable.

These targets are constructed from layers of high-density foam, which effectively stops arrows and allows for easy removal.

They can handle both field points and broadheads, making them a versatile option for practice sessions.

Popular brands offering high-quality block targets include Rinehart, Morrell, and Block.

One example of a reliable block target is the Classic from Block Targets. With its high visibility and weather-resistant design, this target is a great addition to your practice range.

3D Targets

When you want to simulate real-life hunting scenarios, 3D targets are the way to go.

These targets replicate the size, shape, and anatomy of various game animals, from deer and elk to turkeys and bears.

Practicing with 3D targets helps you train for shot placement, learn to judge distances, and understand the angles you're likely to encounter in the field.

Some well-known 3D target brands include Rinehart, Delta McKenzie, and Shooter. The Delta McKenzie Bloodline Buck XL 3D Target is an excellent example of a realistic and durable target.

With its replaceable vital inserts, it provides long-lasting use and allows you to focus on the most critical areas for ethical shots.

Bag Targets

Bag targets are an excellent option for high-volume shooting, as they offer easy arrow removal and can withstand repeated use.

These targets are filled with synthetic material that can stop both field points and broadheads.

However, they tend to wear out more quickly when used with broadheads, so it's essential to monitor their condition.

Popular brands for bag targets include Morrell, Hurricane, and Big Shot.

The Morrell YJ-400 Yellow Jacket® Super Duper Target is a solid choice, featuring high-visibility aiming points, durable construction, and weather-resistant material.

Paper Targets

Paper targets are a cost-effective way to practice shot placement and groupings. They come printed with animal silhouettes or target rings and can be mounted on a foam or bag target.

Practicing with paper targets allows you to track your progress and make necessary adjustments to your shooting technique.

Companies like Maple Leaf Press and Kruger produce high-quality paper targets for bowhunters.

The Maple Leaf Press NFAA Animal Faces offer a variety of life-sized animal targets, giving you the chance to practice on different species and develop your shot placement skills.

Broadhead Targets

When you're practicing for hunting situations, it's crucial to spend time shooting broadheads.

Broadhead targets are designed to handle the increased penetration and damage caused by these hunting tips.

Practicing with broadheads will help you understand their flight characteristics and ensure that your shots are accurate when it counts.

Some popular brands for broadhead targets include Rinehart, Morrell, and SpyderWeb.

The Rinehart RhinoBlock XL is an excellent choice, featuring a self-healing foam design and replaceable vital inserts.

This target can handle both field points and broadheads, providing a versatile practice solution.

Get Out and Shoot!

Choosing the right archery targets for your bowhunting practice is essential to develop and refine your skills.

By incorporating a mix of block targets, 3D targets, bag targets, paper targets, and broadhead targets into your practice sessions, you'll create diverse and realistic scenarios that prepare you for the challenges of bowhunting.

Remember to always follow safety guidelines, ensure you have a proper backstop, and practice at various distances and angles to become a more proficient and confident bow hunter.

Investing in high-quality targets from reputable brands like Rinehart, Morrell, Delta McKenzie, BLOCK, Big Shot, and others ensures that your practice sessions are as effective as possible.

Additionally, by regularly monitoring the condition of your targets, you can maintain a safe and productive practice environment.

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