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Compound Bow vs. Shotgun: Which is the Best Weapon for Hunting Turkeys

Hunting turkeys is a challenging and rewarding experience, and there are different methods for taking down these elusive birds.

Two popular methods are using a compound bow and a shotgun. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, each method requires different skills and tactics.

In this article, we will explore the differences between hunting turkeys with a compound bow vs. shotgun. Range

One of the most significant differences between using a bow and a shotgun for turkey hunting is the range. One could argue that shotguns have a much longer effective range than bows. With a shotgun, hunters can take down turkeys from a distance, while a bow requires the hunter to get much closer to the turkey. Bowhunters need to be within 30-40 yards of their target, while shotgun hunters can take shots at 50 yards or more.


Another significant difference is the noise each weapon produces. Shotguns are loud and can alert other turkeys to your presence, potentially ruining your hunt. A bow, on the other hand, is much quieter, making it easier to remain undetected by other turkeys - especially on a missed shot.

Shot Placement

When it comes to shot placement, there is a significant difference between using a bow and a shotgun. With a shotgun, hunters have more leeway when it comes to shot placement, as the spread of the shotgun blast can cover a wider area. With a bow, the hunter must be very precise and aim for a small target area in order to take down the turkey quickly and humanely.


Hunting turkeys with a compound bow is generally considered more challenging than using a shotgun. Bow hunting requires a higher level of skill and accuracy, as well as more patience and stealth to get within range of the turkey. The challenge of bowhunting turkeys can be incredibly rewarding for those who take it on.


It's essential to be aware of hunting regulations when it comes to turkey hunting. Some areas may have restrictions on the type of bow or broadhead used, and some may require the use of certain shot sizes for shotguns. It's crucial to do your research and follow all hunting regulations to ensure a safe and legal hunting experience.

Decisions, Decisions

Whether you choose to hunt turkeys with a compound bow or a shotgun, both methods require different skills and tactics.

The effective range, noise, shot placement, challenge, and regulations all vary between the two methods.

Ultimately, the choice of weapon comes down to personal preference and skill level. However, if you've never hunted turkeys, especially spring gobblers with a bow, we highly suggest you give it a shot! For more content related to archery and bowhunting, visit the rest of our Alpine Archery blog archive.

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1 commentaire

Kylee Brookover
Kylee Brookover
11 déc. 2023

Name: Kylee Brookover



In my opinion I prefer to shoot turkeys with a shotgun. This method ensures the kill of the turkey because of the amount of bb's that come out of the shell. With a bow you have to make sure that you hit the exact right spot to kill the turkey. Now if you wanted to go out in style use a bow. I just feel like if you want to make sure to kill the turkey, a gun would be your best choice.

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