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Top 3 Features of the Power Loc 4 Arrow Quiver

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

What Makes the Power Loc 4 Arrow Quiver the Best Arrow Quiver?

While many bowhunters may consider an arrow quiver standard issue, those who go a little further and hunt a little longer know the importance of this essential piece of gear.

They rely on it as much as a stand, sight, or release.

Obsessing over the choice when assembling their gear for the field, thinking about how it will perform getting to that corner stand overlooking a cut cornfield, or over the ridge top to where that trophy buck on the trail cam beds.

Why more bowhunters don’t obsess about their quiver choice more is a little confusing. Safely getting your arrows with you quickly and quietly on the hunt is non-negotiable when trophies are on the line.

For all bowhunters from the elk hunters in the high country to those working a single acre piece close to home, the Power Loc quiver system was designed to get your arrows with you on your hunt without worrying about extra noise or losing an arrow before you even get to the stand.

1. Ultra-Quiet

The cornerstone of the quality of the Power Loc quiver is how quiet it is.

Anyone who has bow hunted for more than five minutes will tell you that if any of your gear isn’t quiet, then you’re risking failure in the field.

From your boots to your clothes, to how you close the truck door, noise is your enemy and you need to avoid it at all costs.

The Power Loc quiver system achieves this in a 3-step process starting with the mounting base to your bow riser that attaches easily followed by a rubber mount that attaches even easier.

The rubber mount absorbs and dampens noise from the bow in transit. You should hear antlers rattling on your bow hunt, not your quiver.

2. Ultra-Light

Weight is the next thing serious bow hunters look to cut down on anywhere they can.

Even a short walk to the stand can wear you out if your gear weighs too much, much less a full day of hiking.

Out of breath, tired, and sweating is no way to start your hunt.

The Power Loc system weighs in at 6.3oz, making carrying it attached to your bow practically unnoticeable.

3. Ultra-Compact

If being ultra-quiet and weighing next to nothing doesn’t check enough boxes for your next bow quiver, then consider how compact the power loc system is.

At 11 5/8” overall length, the Power Loc allows for better movement and more importantly storage whether in the tree stand or at home.

This quiver will be easy to move in the dark or when making your way through thick brush.


Your bow quiver is an essential hunting companion. You may never have realized how important it was before, or how much you rely on it.

As important as your pack carrying your gear, or the truck that gets you there. Raising the bar on the quiver system you take with you in the woods will help to make your hunts consistently comfortable and quiet.

The Power Loc system gives you that extra edge for success every time you head out on a hunt.

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