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Top 3 Features of the Waypoint 3 Arrow Quiver

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

As your needs for shooting change throughout the year, so should your quiver be able to adapt to those changes with little effort and a lot of ease.

From the tree stand, to indoor ranges, 3D courses, to practicing in the summer heat year-round archers know they need a quiver that can adapt with them whatever month it may be on the calendar.

The ability to adapt drives innovation at Alpine Archery, and new for this year is the Waypoint Quiver.

Sharing in the family traits of the other dependable designs like being ultra-light and durability in the wild all while staying compact, the Waypoint Quiver offers extra versatility for whatever point you’re at in your season.

What makes the Waypoint 3 arrow quiver one of the best arrow quivers on the market?

Here are the top three features of the Alpine Archery Waypoint 3 arrow quiver!

1. Secure, Vibration-Reducing Mounting System

A quiver that installs and attaches silent and stable, every time.

Simple to install and easy to use, especially in dark conditions that bowhunters find themselves in regularly for when you need to detach and attach your quiver.

When you engage the stainless-steel lock pin, your quiver is set, secure, and ready to go with you wherever you need it to go.

2. Open Hood Cavity

Whether you shoot expandable broadheads, fixed blade broadheads, or you like keeping an arrow with a blunt point for squirrels the new Waypoint 3 arrow quiver has you covered.

With the open-hook cavity design, you don’t have to worry about damaging and dulling your blades by storing them in a receiving area that might not fit the design.

This design offers you the flexibility to switch back and forth between fixed and expandable broadheads or keep a combination of points ready for what you encounter in the woods.

3. Accommodates Standard & Micro Diameter Shafts

Following in the flexibility for different hunters and different uses is the Waypoint 3 arrow quiver’s ability to store either standard or micro diameter shafts.

As you change your set-up and your bow throughout time you might want to use a different style arrow.

With the Waypoint 3 arrow, every time you make a change you don’t have to buy a new quiver to carry your new arrows.

The frame of the quiver is made from lightweight rods that feel weightless, are easily adjustable, compact, and quiet for when you need to be.

Offered in several color options and all include a loop at the top so they can be easily hung in the tree stand with you for your next hunt.

Add more confidence to your bowhunting set-up by adding the Waypoint 3 arrow quiver from Alpine Archery. Your hunt is too important to depend on anything less.

To learn more about the Alpine Archery Waypoint 3 arrow quiver – visit our website here.

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