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Top 3 Features of the Waypoint 4 Arrow Quiver

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Sleek, rugged, dependable, and quiet.

You ask a lot of the gear you take with you in the woods because it’s an extension of you as a hunter.

When your boots hit the ground, toss your pack on your shoulders, and grab your bow you walk into the field with zero doubt that your chosen equipment will get the job done when the moment counts.

The product engineers at Alpine Archery know you demand this confidence as an archer, and also as an archer you want the most out of the gear you choose.

That’s why they are releasing the all newly designed Waypoint 4 arrow quiver to meet the demands of today’s archers from the seven-day backcountry trip in Alaska to the weekend warrior hunting their favorite spot here at home.

Here are a few of the top features of the new quiver in case you’ve lost confidence in your current setup.

1. It’s Uncommonly Quiet

When drawing back on any animal, you can’t afford the slightest twitch in your target.

You need your clothes, strings, cams, and quiver to be as silent as possible through the whole shot cycle to put that arrow exactly where you need it.

That’s why the Waypoint is equipped with a proprietary vibration-reducing bracket during the shot.

For those archers that remove their quiver when they get to the stand, the rubber fasteners make for an easy, and quiet, detachment keeping you from sending out sounds into the woods.

2. Lightweight and Dependable

Designed with a compact molded hood and lightweight rods, the Waypoint 4 arrow quiver won’t cost you balance while aiming, or feel like your carrying unnecessary weight into the woods.

Don’t let the lightweight feel fool you, the Waypoint is built to last with materials that keep your arrows safe and right where you want them when you need them.

3. Ability to Carry a Variety of Arrow Combinations

Most quivers will try to tell you what kind of arrows and points you can carry on your hunt.

The Waypoint gives you the freedom to choose with an open hood design that can accommodate fixed or mechanical broadheads or blunt tips for small game.

Not sure if you want to use standard or micro diameter shafts? With the Waypoint, you can use both.

Whether you’re looking at trying a new arrow during your practice season, or you want to keep a variety of arrows for different situations on your hunt, you have the freedom to do just that with the Waypoint quiver.

You know that your arrows are essential gear for your hunt. Arrows are an investment of not only money, but of the hours you put into practice shots and dialing in your setup.

Protect that investment and carry them with the confidence you demand by choosing the Waypoint 4 arrow quiver from Alpine Archery.

To learn more about the Alpine Archery Waypoint 4 arrow quiver – visit our website here.

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