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Western vs Whitetail: The Best Quiver for Your Hunt

The type of hunting you do typically dictates the gear you need and use.

One of the biggest questions in the hunting community is where do you hunt or plan to hunt?

Are you hunting muleys, antelope, or elk out west, or crafty whitetails, bears, or turkeys on the east coast?

Regardless of where you hunt - you'll need a quiver to fit your hunting needs.

Whether you hunt out west or you hunt the east coast - we'll discuss the best quiver for your hunt.

Western Hunting Quiver Options

When hunters think about the west, they think big. Big skies, big mountains, big country, and big shots.

Whether it’s where you live or a bucket list trip, hunting in the west requires different tactics due to the nature of the landscape, and the species that inhabit it like elk and mule deer.

These species in this country can easily warrant a 60-yard shot, and with all that room around them, can also easily end in a missed shot.

For this reason, many western hunters will opt for a 4 or 5 arrow quiver to plan for this occurrence.

Hunting game in the west is also usually done by using mobile, spot and stalk techniques.

For the need of being mobile, western archery hunters usually leave their quivers attached while hunting.

They need a sturdy, dependable, and quiet quiver like our new Waypoint Quiver.

Lightweight, quiet, and rugged as the country you hunt.

The Waypoint quiver gives you the variety you need by holding different arrow diameters and broadhead styles, should you decide to change your arrow setup during or after the hunting season.

A vibration-reducing, quick-detach, mounting system exclusive to the Waypoint ensures your shot won’t be affected by the attached quiver.

Eastern Hunting Quiver Options

Eastern hunters are ambush predators by design. Setting up in a tree stand or ground blind, predicting the animal’s movement for a bow shot usually under 40 yards.

Eastern hunters can at any time be chasing whitetails, black bears, and wild turkeys; sometimes all at once if the seasons overlap and the opportunity presents itself.

You can certainly spot, stalk, and still hunt game in the east successfully, but by in large, it’s a stationary pursuit.

So, what do eastern bowhunters need? They need a quiver that will transport their arrows quietly and securely to the stand with a silent detach for out-of-the-way storage.

A 3-arrow quiver is a typical lightweight choice for stand hunters since one arrow usually gets it done, but you have two backups just in case.

For this, we offer eastern bowhunters plenty of options in 3 and 5-arrow capacity like the Soft Loc and Bear Claw quivers.

The Power Loc though could quite possibly be the stand hunter’s best friend. Its proprietary contoured and compact design loves to stay out of your way.

The noise-isolating rubber bracket system doesn’t add extra noise on your way to the stand. A 4-arrow capacity welcoming any broadhead or arrow diameter will allow you the freedom to hunt with what works best for you.

All of this is topped off by a generous loop at the top for hanging your detached quiver on a hook or tree limb when you get set up for your hunt.

What's the Best Quiver for You?

So, what if you hunt out west and back east? What if you spot and stalk and stand hunt as different species seasons overlap? Is there one quiver to rule them all? With Alpine Archery quivers - absolutely!

Two quivers come standard with a 4-arrow capacity (Waypoint and Power Loc) and two quivers offer a 3 and 5- arrow capacity (Soft Loc and Bear Claw).

All are tough, dependable, accept a variety of arrow set-ups, and are most importantly, quiet.

Your bowhunting arrow set-up is exactly that, yours.

As arrow technologies change and our hunting experiences leave us to change our minds, you deserve a quiver that will change with you.

We keep that in mind when designing quivers for today’s bowhunters as they think about tomorrow’s hunt.

Whether it’s muleys, antelope, or elk in the vast expanses of the west, or crafty whitetails in the east, we have a quiver option that should work for you.

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